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Our 2023 Job Fair

On February 23rd, My Sister's Closet hosted a job fair at the PG County Sports & Learning Complex. The non-profit organization aims to serve underemployed and unemployed black women by providing them with resources and opportunities to excel in their careers. The job fair was a great way for the organization to connect these women with local employers looking to fill positions.

The event brought together 9 different businesses and organizations looking to hire new talent. Attendants were able to network with potential employers and learn about job openings that fit their skills and interests. Participants found the event to be an excellent opportunity to advance their careers, as they had access to various resources like career training and resume building workshops prior to the job fair.

Several MSC Board Members and guests such as Richard Droisin conducted Pre-Job Fair Training workshops to offer support services to help job seekers reach their goals. These resources included goal setting, resume writing, interview training, and more. Videos of these workshops can be found on the My Sisters Closet Youtube channel.

Job fairs like this one offer more than just employment opportunities. They are also important tools for connecting individuals with much-needed resources to help them achieve their career goals. These events encourage community engagement, foster professional networking, and empower job seekers to take control of their futures.

In conclusion, the job fair hosted by My Sisters Closet was a positive and impactful event for underemployed and unemployed black women. It provided a platform for job seekers to connect with new opportunities, and for employers to find talented candidates. The event highlights the importance of community organizations like My Sisters Closet in supporting and empowering marginalized groups in their professional pursuits.

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