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Mornings Made Easy: How to Create a Productive Morning Routine

Are you one of those people who can't function well without their morning coffee? Or do you need a morning routine to kickstart your day? Either way, having a morning routine is essential, especially for African American women who are unemployed or underemployed. Let's dive into the benefits of having a morning routine and how it can set you up for success.

Determine Your Goals

Setting goals is important in every aspect of life, including your morning routine. By setting achievable goals, you avoid living a directionless life. Some tips for setting goals include identifying what you want to achieve and breaking them down into smaller, more achievable goals. Don't forget to write them down, as it increases your chances of success. Be sure to read our previous article about goal setting.

Wake Up Early

Waking up early has its benefits, including having extra time to get things done and being more productive. But what if you're not a morning person? Here are some tips for waking up early:

1) Set a Consistent Sleep Schedule

o Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day helps regulate your body's internal clock

o Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night

2) Create a Bedtime Routine

o Establishing a bedtime routine can help signal to your body that it's time to wind down and get ready for sleep

o Avoid using electronics or engaging in stimulating activities before bed

3) Gradually Adjust Wake-Up Time

o Gradually adjust your wake-up time by 15-30 minutes each day until you reach your desired wake-up time

o This allows your body to slowly acclimate to waking up earlier

4) Use Natural Light

o Open curtains or blinds to let natural light into your room in the morning

o Exposure to natural light can help regulate your body's internal clock

5) Avoid Hitting Snooze

o Hitting snooze can disrupt your body's sleep cycle and leave you feeling groggy

o Place your alarm clock out of arm's reach to avoid temptation

6) Get Moving

o Stretch or do some light exercise upon waking up

o This can help increase blood flow and alertness

7) Drink Water

o Drinking a glass of water upon waking up can help hydrate and energize your body

o Avoid caffeine or sugary drinks, as they can lead to energy crashes later in the day

8) Reward Yourself

o Set up a reward system for waking up early, such as treating yourself to your favorite breakfast or coffee shop

o This can help motivate you to stick to your new morning routine

By implementing these tips and tricks, even the biggest night owl can become a morning person in no time!

Exercise and Meditate

Exercise and meditation can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Incorporating them into your morning routine can help you start your day feeling energized and focused. Some tips include trying different types of exercise and meditation to find what works for you. And who needs caffeine when you have exercise and meditation?

Morning Exercise:

· Aim for at least 20-30 minutes of activity in the morning

· Choose an activity that gets your heart rate up and your blood flowing, such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, or yoga

· Gradually build up your endurance and strength if you're just starting out

· Try to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week, which translates to 30 minutes per day, five days a week

· Consistency is more important than the length or intensity of your workouts

Morning Meditation:

· Start with just a few minutes of meditation each day and gradually increase your practice over time

· Aim for at least once per day, ideally in the morning to set your intention for the day ahead

· Choose a meditation style that works for you, such as guided meditation, silent meditation, or a combination of both

· Incorporate a shorter meditation practice into your afternoon or evening routine if it's more manageable for you

· Benefits of morning meditation include cultivating mindfulness and inner peace that can benefit you throughout the day

Plan Your Day

Planning out your day is crucial to being productive and achieving your goals. You should always plan your day a day in advance. Create a to-do list and prioritizing your tasks, you can stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed. On the day of, simply review your existing plan and adjust as needed. Consider using the pomodoro time management technique to get the most from your day. Look into task management software to help you stay on task.

Here are the top 5 applications for task management:

1. Asana. Asana is a popular task management tool that is used by teams of all sizes. It offers a variety of features, including task lists, due dates, reminders, and collaboration tools. Asana is a great choice for teams that need to stay organized and on track.

2. Trello. Trello is another popular task management tool that uses a Kanban board layout. This makes it easy to see what tasks are in progress, what tasks are waiting to be started, and what tasks have been completed. Trello is a great choice for teams that need to visualize their work.

3. Todoist. Todoist is a simple task management tool that is perfect for individuals or small teams. It offers a variety of features, including task lists, due dates, reminders, and filters. Todoist is a great choice for people who want a lightweight task management tool that is easy to use.

4. ClickUp. ClickUp is a powerful task management tool that offers a wide range of features. It can be used for both personal and team projects. ClickUp is a great choice for people who want a feature-rich task management tool that can be customized to meet their needs.

5. Microsoft To-Do. Microsoft To-Do is a task management tool that is included with Microsoft 365. It offers a variety of features, including task lists, due dates, reminders, and collaboration tools. Microsoft To-Do is a great choice for people who are already using Microsoft 365.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it doesn't have to be a time-consuming task. By preparing a healthy breakfast, you can give your body the fuel it needs to start the day off right. Some tips for a healthy breakfast include choosing high-protein foods and whole grains, meal prepping, and making time for breakfast. And yes, we'll say it again, exercise and meditation can be more effective than caffeine.

Preparing for the Next Day

When it comes to preparing for work, it's not just about getting ready for the current day. In fact, taking a few minutes to prepare for the next day can save you time and reduce stress in the long run. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the next day:

1. Make a to-do list: Before you leave work for the day, make a list of the tasks you need to complete the next day. This will help you prioritize your work and avoid feeling overwhelmed when you arrive in the morning.

2. Prepare your workspace: Take a few minutes to tidy up your workspace and organize any documents or files you'll need for the next day. This will help you start the day with a clear mind and a clean slate.

3. Pack your lunch: If you bring your lunch to work, take a few minutes to prepare it the night before. This will save you time in the morning and ensure that you have a healthy meal ready to go.

4. Plan your transportation: If you take public transportation to work, check the schedule and plan your route for the next day. This will help you avoid rushing in the morning and ensure that you arrive at work on time.

5. Take care of personal tasks: If you have any personal tasks that need to be done during the workday, try to take care of them the night before. For example, if you need to go to the bank or grocery store, do it on your way home from work so that you don't have to worry about it the next day.


In conclusion, having a morning routine can set you up for success. By setting goals, waking up early, exercising and meditating, planning your day, eating a healthy breakfast, and preparing for work, you can start your day feeling energized and focused. Remember to implement these tips and take charge of your day. And as a funny closing line, "Now go conquer the day like the boss you are!" For further reading or support, check out resources such as career development websites, motivational podcasts, and career coaches.

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